Fusion HAUS Luxe, Relaxed Modern, Urban Collective, Contemporary Chic Furniture

Make Your Statement at HOME

Relaxed Modern

Contemporary Chic

The Contemporary Chic Collection showcases pieces that highlight your flair for design. 

Casual Posh

The Casual Posh Collection features stylish pieces that allow you to lounge, no fuss, just pure comfort that looks great. 

Urban Collective

The Urban Collective is especially for those living in big cities, and require big style for compact spaces. 

Bring Our Fusion to Your HAUS

The Fusion HAUS Philosophy

Whether you're a discriminating shopper, or just plain picky, we have what you need!

We understand that sometimes you just know what you don't want. 

We are here when you don't have a particular item in mind but KNOW what you want WHEN YOU SEE IT!

Browse our unique designs and fall in love with all the possibilities to DEFINE YOUR SPACE YOUR WAY.

Fuse different styles,  stick to just one, or if you can't decide, mix your favorite design concepts to create a look uniquely your own.

There is no wrong way to BRING YOUR Haus TO LIFE!